Collingswood, New Jersey

Get Up, Collingswood!

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Collingswood, a town known for and built on volunteer spirit, is looking to find new members of the community to give back to the Borough’s myriad organizations and festivals. The Borough will host the second annual Get Up, Collingswood! – a volunteer night and community meet and greet - on May 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Scottish Rite Ballroom (315 WHP).   

“Last year was outstanding,” said Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley. “We were hoping to connect a few dozen people with a handful of groups but people came out in droves. A lot of organizations found new faces that night, but there are still groups that could use new hands and a lot of people in town that ask us how they can get involved. This is how we can connect those two groups.”

The kid-friendly event gives interested guests an opportunity to learn about what efforts they can volunteer for directly from representatives of those organizations. Get Up Collingswood! is also a community meet & greet – a chance for folks to meet their neighbors and enjoy a Collingswood-spirited night out while signing up to give back. At the inaugural event in 2014, hundreds attended to learn more about opportunities to be involved, meet the people that volunteer their time to run Collingswood’s dozens of events and clubs and spend time with neighbors and friends. 

For fun, guests can challenge neighbors in a giant game of Jenga, there will be craft beers on tap, giveaways (including Collingswood Cash, tickets to Scottish Rite shows and Collingswood merchandise), snacks and crafts and entertainment for kids. The event is free.

Events like May Fair, the Book Festival, Holiday Parade, Green Festival, the Farmers’ Market, recreation programs and Parent Teacher Associations require volunteers to plan and execute some of Collingswood’s most loved events and grow important organizations. The goal is to pair enthusiastic citizens interested in giving their time with groups that need volunteers.

“New volunteers bring new energy and ideas to our events and organizations,” said Commissioner Mike Hall. “They’re essential to everything that makes Collingswood the place that everyone wants to be. If you love being here, consider being a part of what makes it great on May 26.”

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