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The hard work of keeping Collingswood in tip-top shape

You may not notice it from day to day, but the work and investment we put back into our infrastructure and facilities are historic. Our goal is to maintain an outstanding standard of living in our community but our aim is to efficiently use our budget (your tax dollars!) to improve our town. Some projects you see immediately, like improvements to the pool, and some are critical to maintaining operations in town, like testing and installing new water wells, but you may not even know are happening.

A little quieter in these parts…

Just a little story about how small communication can result in big changes: this month, I met with representatives from PATCO as part of PATCO’s new community outreach. As we were talking, I remembered a concern several residents had mentioned to me offhand, “Doesn’t PATCO sound louder lately around Collings Avenue?”

So, while I had the ear of some folks that would know the answer, I mentioned it. Guess what. It was louder. 

Summer 2017 – Never Too Soon to Plan

As I sit here with the chilled feeling that will last until April, let’s try to think of summer. The next few posts will take a look at the infrastructure projects underway – some of which are related to giving Robert’s Pool and its surroundings a sprucing up.

Fireman Mike

As this election day heads into its final hours, hard not to think about the truest example of a public servant – Commissioner Mike Hall. Forty plus years serving his hometown starting as a volunteer firefighter, then as a career firefighter, Captain and then Chief of the Department. Then, once retired, he returned as a Commissioner. It’s a couple lifetimes of service to our town.

Halloween treats

So there has been some chatter about Halloween curfew. Thanks to Stacey Brown-Downham for actually writing to me to discuss.

Abandoned homes, not for long

As our persistence in fixing abandoned houses hits the final leg in court - in early October we expect to have formal court permission to begin renovations on Harvard Avenue – we are seeing ripple effects that are great.

Good Signs

Over the last couple years, there has been an ever-increasing rise in the number of construction permits taken out from the Borough. New permits are up roughly 35 percent for home improvements. Why is this a good thing and what does it mean for our town?

Mr. C.

Freeholder Cappelli and I are good friends. We have been known to be out and about together often enough. Virtually every time we are, we meet a graduate of Triton High. They come over to Lou to gush about how great his father was as principal of Triton - for 24 years.


So I am a little late but one of this year's resolutions is to get back to this blog (after more than 2 years!). It is a great way to give you a little background on what is going on with the Borough. This time, we'll also be reposting these on social media as well. Please always feel free to email me at with any questions or comments.

The 2013 Budget: Where We Are

           This year’s budget is close to completion but a few late arising issues are delaying a formal introduction. The 2013 budget will reduce Borough spending for the 5th year in a row. Since 2009, Borough spending has been reduced $2.2 million.

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