Idle-Free is the Way-to-Be!

A resolution adopted on Sept. 3 designates the Borough of Collingswood as an idle-free zone

One-third of greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. For every gallon of gasoline used, the average car produces about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), the largest contributor to greenhouse climate change. 

A vehicle is considered idling when the engine is turned on but the vehicle is not in motion. Idling for 10 minutes uses as much fuel as it takes to travel 5 miles. Vehicle idling also poses serious health risks. By contaminating the air with harmful particles and chemicals, vehicle exhaust can trigger asthma attacks and increase risk of heart and lung ailments. 

Vehicle idling commonly occurs in areas such as parking lots, drive-through windows, business centers, and around school buildings. Idling also increases during the winter months when drivers opt to “warm up the engine.” Contrary to popular belief, modern cars do not require a warm-up period, and turning a car on and off does not harm the engine, according to Sustainable Jersey. 

Next time you are taking a drive, remember to turn the engine off when the car is not in motion. Share this information with family and friends! Together, we can make a difference.