Congratulations Collingswood Schools!

Sustainable Jersey for Schools program has awarded Collingswood a grant to support their work to build student equity through greening initiatives.  Specifically, the Collingswood School District Green Team, coordinated through the high school, will consider social equity as a vital component of a sustainable school community as it works with its students to build a greener future for young generations. 
Thirty grants were awarded to elementary through high school public schools and school districts across the state. The grants fund on-the-ground, sustainability and capacity-building projects such as recycling initiatives, sustainable food production, health and wellness programs, diversity and inclusion activities, and more. 
 “We’re proud to be able to support these important projects and look forward to hearing more from each grantee about how they make a difference in schools across New Jersey,” said Randall Solomon, executive director for Sustainable Jersey. He extended his congratulations to all of the schools and school districts that received grants. “These grants will add momentum to solving our sustainability challenges while helping to ensure our future well being,” Solomon added. Visit to view the full announcement.

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