Summer Sustainability Tips

Go green this summer! A few small lifestyle changes can have a BIG impact on our world.

  • Walk or Bike to Get Around Enjoy the summer sun and help the environment by using alternate forms of transportation such as walking or biking instead of driving in a car. In need of a bike? Check out the Collingswood Bike Share. Have feedback on your walking or biking experience in town? Provide input for the Connect 2020 Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Build a Wildlife Habitat Garden that supports butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. The Collingswood Community Habitat Project works in our community to help residents create habitat gardens certified by the National Wildlife Federation.
  • Turn Down the AC Adjust your thermostat by two or three degrees to save energy. On milder days, turn your air conditioner off and open up the windows.
  • Stay Hydrated with a Reusable Water Bottle Say no to single-use plastic bottles
  • Enjoy Jersey Fresh Soak up all the benefits of delicious summer produce by purchasing locally-sourced food and goods. Not only does local produce taste great, it supports our local economy and reduces our community's carbon footprint. Visit the Collingswood Farmers' Market each week to stock up on fresh, healthy, delicious items brought straight to you by NJ farmers.
  • Line Dry Clothes or Sheets Outside to save energy.
  • Take the Green Challenge to inspire more sustainable habits you can adopt this summer!