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Welcome to Collingswood, a town where transformation is measured in weeks, not years. You’ll find a hip, cultural feel where trendy shopping and dining mix with historical architecture and community spirit. The energy of the town and its revitalization has drawn people from all walks of life and businesses of every kind. There’s an old-fashioned charm and urban flavor that is fast becoming uniquely Collingswood.

Retail, Redefined:
Collingswood has become one of the best dining and shopping areas in Southern New Jersey. From the New York Times to the Philadelphia Inquirer and almost every regional magazine in print, the attention has been overwhelming.

As small town shopping experiences become increasingly desirable among consumers, the town has more than kept pace. In the past 5 years alone, more than 50 businesses have setup shop in Collingswood’s business districts.

There’s no doubt, Collingswood has also become South Jersey’s restaurant row. No where else will you find such varied cuisine served in stunning, renovated historic buildings that have restored the splendor of Haddon Avenue. The chefs at our award-winning restaurants continue to put the town on the list of gourmet afficianadoes from the city to the suburbs.

Working Together:
Collingswood is known for its sense of community, especially when it comes to business. Every merchant is a partner working to build a town that has something for everyone. Whether you’re a start-up venture or looking to open your next location, there are services, skilled professionals and volunteers to help every step of the way. Come see why Collingswood has truly become the place to be.

Down To Business:
One of the most exciting aspects of a town being re-invented is the incredible business opportunities. Positive word of mouth and media coverage have solidified the town’s reputation as a place filled with opportunities for a wide variety of businesses. Strong downtown development projects like the LumberYard Condominums, a shopping plaza and a State Transit Village designation continue to make Collingswood a shopping destination.
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Convenient Location
Easy Access:
Nestled between the Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman Bridges and less than six miles from Center City Philadelphia, Collingswood is one of the most convenient towns in southern New Jersey. State Routes 130 and 30 run directly into Collingswood and 295 is a quick trip to Haddon Avenue (Camden County Route 541), the main street in town. No matter where you are, you are close to Collingswood-perfect for day trips, an evening out or a weekend getaway.

By Car:
From North Jersey and New York City. Take the NJ Turnpike south to Exit 4 towards Camden/Philadelphia. Merge onto NJ Rt. 73 North. Merge onto I-295 South and take Exit 34B Cherry Hill/Camden and follow ramp onto NJ Rt. 70 West. Merge onto Cuthbert Blvd/CR-636 South toward Collingswood/Oaklyn. Turn right onto Haddon Ave./CR-561.

From Pennsylvania. Take the Walt Whitman Bridge and follow I-676 North/US-130 NJ North. Exit towards Rt. 168 North. Keep to your right onto US 130 N. Turn right onto Collings Ave. Turn right onto Haddon Ave./CR-561.
Take the Ben Franklin Bridge/US 30 East to Rt. 70 East. Turn right onto off ramp towards South Cuthbert Blvd. towards Oaklyn. Follow South Cuthbert Blvd. all the way to Haddon Avenue. Turn right onto Haddon Ave./CR-561.

From the Atlantic City. Take the Atlantic City Expressway West to NJ Rt. 42 North and follow onto I-76 West. Merge onto US Rt. 130 North at exit 1D towards Collingswood. Turn right onto Collings Ave. Turn right onto Haddon Ave./CR-561.

PATCO Speedline:
The PATCO High Speedline is a 14.2 mile rail line, carrying approximately 33,000 people a day between Camden County, New Jersey and Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The train service runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. PATCO has 13 conveniently located stations, four in Philadelphia and nine in New Jersey.

The Collingswood station is a convenient and affordable 20 minute ride from the other stations in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

NJ Transit - Train Service
Riverline: Take to Camden’s Broadway Station with
a connection on PATCO to Collingswood.

NJ Transit - Bus Service
Covering a service area of 5,325 square miles, NJ TRANSIT is the nation’s third largest provider of bus, rail and light rail transit— linking major points in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.

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About Collingswood Partners, Inc
Vision Statement:
The Collingswood Business Imporvement Districts are a welcoming community of businesses and professionals working together to grow our downtowns and increase commerce. We are committed to delivering outstanding service to our members while we continue to make Collingswood a destination for services, retail shopping, dining and the arts.

We’re here for you:
If you’re interested in starting a business in town, the Collingswood Partners office is the place to start. From networking in the business community to securing a retail space in our business districts, we have the resources to move things along smoothly. We can also help steer you in the right direction for things like securing a Certificate of Occupancy or getting your sign approved.

Who comprises the B.I.D?
Collingswood Partners, Inc. is a non-profit management corporation that oversees the three Business Improvement Districts in Collingswood: the Haddon Avenue District, the Theater District and the Route 130 District. The Board of Directors consists of 11 members including the Manager of Collingswood Partners who handles the daily functions of the corporation.

Is tourism marketing a large part of the equation?
Probably the largest. Tens of thousands of dollars are contributed by the business tax base to fund one of the largest town promotional efforts in the area. Painstaking detail is taken in identifying strong market sectors and developing targeted campaigns that bring in thousands of visitors and new residents each year. You’ll find major outdoor events like May Fair, the Fine Arts and Crafts Festival and the Collingswood Music Festival as well as a variety of destination marketing programs like Second Saturday and holiday shopping promotions.

General Meetings:
General meetings are held quarterly and are open to all Collingswood businesses and commercial property owners. Contact Collingswood Partners for dates and locations.

Collingswood Partners works with local businesses in areas like:
• Business recruitment and retention
• Promotion of Collingswood businesses through
strategic marketing and advertising efforts
• Business District decorations and holiday activities
• Fundraising and grant applications
• Event planning, promotion and management
• Representation of Collingswood businesses at regional events

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Development and Investment
Smart Growth:
Collingswood embodies smart growth. Plans are in place to revitalize and rebuild with a continued focus on restoration and historic preservation. The Business Improvement Districts are thriving as business and local government work hand in hand creating an environment that brings opportunities to new and existing businesses. To accomplish this, Mayor Jim Maley coordinates both public and private efforts with the Office of Community Development to foster development.

Our Past and Present:
Building the future began with restoring our past. On July 11, 1996, the Borough acquired Sutton Towers and began the monumental task of converting the complex into the new Parkview Towers which was completed with its sale to Audubon Properties in April 2006. Renewal continues with projects like the construction of the LumberYard Development.

The recently restored Collingswood Ballroom highlights the exciting future of the Scottish Rite Auditorium. The Ballroom is the crown jewel of an arts and entertainment renaissance and boasts complete renovations of its interior and exterior. It is fully equipped to respond to the needs of business and pleasure, with both cultured ambience and state-of-the art technology. In the years ahead, the theater will see the additions of state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology, renovated fixtures, lobby and catering areas and a new marquis sign on Route 30.

Collingswood desires to make home ownership more attractive while lessening the pressure which overdevelopment can have on parking and services. Through the Multi-Family Conversion Program, homeowners receive incentives to convert existing duplex and triplex properties back to their original condition. Participants include owner-occupants, investor owners and investor resellers. For more information, call 856-854-0720, ext. 126.

The Future:
The future development of the town includes plans for creating roads, building a new Borough Hall alongside the five year old Senior Community Center and strengthening the infrastructure. The new municipal complex will offer added convenience for the community and much needed upgrades in both space and accessibility. The facades of the new structures are being designed with the historic character of the existing downtown. Plans also include new facilities for both the Fire, Emergency Medical, Police Departments and Public Works facilities.

Through an arrangement with Borough, Collingswood arranged to bring Perkins Center for the Arts to town. Together they are renovating a warehouse and studio near the PATCO Speedline in preparation for a new full-time extension facility. The center will offer art and music classes for resident and visitors alike while also hosting a variety of exhibitions.

In October 2003, the town received a Transit Village designation from the State of New Jersey. This achievement brings $200,000 from the State of New Jersey and $250,000 from the Delaware River Port Authority to develop an area adjacent to the PATCO Speedline train station. It gives the Borough support and funding to plan and develop the currently underutilized section into a mix of residential and retail space. Additionally, bicyclists and pedestrians are being given safer and more appealing paths to bring them to and from the station. These trails will also connect the three beautiful parks which provide a bucolic setting just a short walk from every home in town.

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Opening a Business in Collingswood
Help is Around the Corner:
Collingswood Partners and the Borough of Collingswood want to make opening your business here as easy as possible. This fact sheet outlines the many steps to the process. With solid planning and communication, these are the things that can easily be built into your opening plan.

Certificates of Occupancy (C.O.’s):
A Certificate of Occupancy is required at the time of change of occupancy of any property in the Borough of Collingswood. The criteria for a CO are contained in Chapter 227-3 of the Collingswood Code which can be downloaded from the Government Forms area on All commercial units must be inspected between tenants. Dwelling units in triplexes and larger must be inspected between tenants. The Boca National Property Maintenance code of 1993 is the criteria used in these inspections.

Typically if you are changing the use of your property, you need a Zoning Permit which can be downloaded from the Government Forms area on When in doubt, please call the Zoning Officer. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding both construction and zoning is whether or not a resident needs approval before beginning any type of construction. Whether a resident changes the use or makes an improvement to the property, chances are they will need a permit to legally begin construction.

Construction Code:
The Uniform Construction Code governs all of the construction and renovation of properties located in Collingswood. Permits are required by the Borough of Collingswood for any renovation of commercial buildings. Permit applications are available at the Collingswood Borough Hall. If you have any questions, contact our Construction Code office Monday through Friday.

Sign Committee & Historical Review:
Built into our Zoning & Construction processes is a review of improvements and their historical preservation effects. If you plan on doing contruction work of any kind in historic downtown areas, your plan will go in front of this committee for review. An explanation of Historical Preservation Guidelines can be found at the Collingswood Library, Zoning Office and the Planning Board.
Similarly, planned signs are reviewed by a seperate committe to ensure all town signage conforms to the Borough Sign Ordinance. This can be obtained from Borough Hall or downloaded from the Government Forms area on

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Business Resource Library
Business Resources:
Starting a business, especially your first, can be filled with hurdles. Below is a list of helpful contacts that may have information you may need from time to time.

SCORE - Counselors to America’s Small Business
South Jersey 856-486-3421

Rutgers Small Business Development Center

US Small Business Administration

New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Restaurant Resources:
If you are opening a restaurant or eating establishment, the requirements of the New Jersey Board of Health will need to be “built-in” to your plans. To get a copy of their guidelines call the Camden County Department of Health at 856-374-6000.
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Download a Copy
For a copy of Collingswood's Recruitment Kit, click on the attachment below.
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