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Restaurant Weeks

2017 Restaurant Weeks:

Chef's Favorites: March 26-31
Fresh from the Farm:  July 23-28

October 22-27

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South Jersey's "Restaurant Row" hosts "Fresh From the Farm" Restaurant Week, July 23-28!

Collingswood restaurants celebrate Farm Fresh Collingswood Restaurant Week

In and out of foodie circles, the term “Farm to Fork” has become a familiar phrase. But in South Jersey, where many of the state’s more than 9000 farms reside, it resonates with particular meaning. And nowhere is that meaning more intense than in Collingswood, where the town’s popular restaurant community comes together to celebrate “Farm Fresh Collingswood” Restaurant Week, spotlighting the farms and farmers of the acclaimed Collingswood Farmers' Market. Restaurant Week runs July 23 to 28 and each participating restaurant will offer a multi course menu at discounted prices in a joyous celebration of all that farms have contributed to our collective taste buds.

Chef Mark Smith of The Tortilla Press is a regular at the Collingswood Farmers' Market. Chef Nunzio Patruno of Numzio's routinely conducts market tours and cooking classes. Chef Franco Lombardo of Sapori picks up produce and herbs there on a weekly basis. “We’re all enriched by what the Market has brought to our restaurants,” explains Smith. “When we say ‘farm to fork’ in Collingswood, we mean it literally.”

The proximity of the Market drives Collingswood restaurants to prepare menus that are centered around what the farms are producing.  It’s no surprise that many of the chefs use the market as a vehicle to introduce customers to the wonders of New Jersey’s prolific agricultural offerings.  Each summer, for instance, the market hosts a Just Peachy demonstration using this quintessential New Jersey crop in a variety of different dishes.  New Jersey also grows record numbers of apples and blueberries. 

Several of the farmers also grown herbs for the restaurants. Kevin Flaim, of Flaim Farms, began growing epazote and cilantro for specific Collingswood restaurants, whose needs for the flavorful seasonings continues to grow.

“Garden State, meet Restaurant Row,” says Collingswood Mayor, Jim Maley. “If it’s fresh and you want to eat it cooked in a hundred different ways, this is the place to be.”

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Prix fixe (a multi-course meal with a set price) menus and restaurant information is available on the Restaurant Week page below. Individual eateries determine prices and number of courses. Make reservations early - space is limited. Prix fixe menus for each event posted below as menus send us their specials.

July 23-28 Restaurant Week Participants to date:

Tortilla Press
Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
El Sitio

Bistro di Marino
Sabrina's Cafe
Oasis Mexican Grill
That's Amore
Villa Barone

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