Collingswood, New Jersey

Community Development

General Information
Building our future by restoring our past - It began on July 11, 1996 with the acquisition of Sutton Towers and the monumental effort to convert the complex into what is now the Heights of Collingswood.

For more information on Community Development, contact Cass Duffey at or 856-854-0720 x135.

Accomplishments (in no particular order)
• Addition of the Parklet to Collingswood's downtown
• Start of the 'friendly ticket' program
• Designation as a Transit Village and increased walkability
• The start of the Tatem Neighborhood Preservation Programs
• The acquisition and adaptive reuse of The Old Zane School
• The calming of Haddon Avenue traffic
• The installation of the Millennium Clock and the Memorial Walk
• The formation of three business improvement districts and the establishment of Collingswood Partners
• The recruitment of dozens of new businesses and downtown revitalization
• The creation of the Newton Colony Arts Bank
• The introduction of technology into daily borough operations
• The execution of two Capital Improvement and Infrastructure
Repair Programs
• The solution to the 50 year old Richey Avenue and Route 130 flooding problems
• The launch of the Town Crier
• The formation of the Collingswood Foundation for the Arts and the lease of the Scottish Rite Auditorium
• The design and construction of the Senior Community Center
• The arrangement with The Perkins Center for the Arts
• The development of a new Master Plan
• The winning and execution of Smart Growth and DVRPC study grants for mixed use Infill and Transit Oriented Development
• The Duplex Conversion Program
• The conversion of Eldridge Gardens to Pewter Village
• The acquisition and rehabilitation of 33 Collings Avenue (Bobby Chez Crab Cakes)

Master Plan
The Borough's Master Plan is available for review by any interested party by stopping by the Borough Hall. Copies of the plan on CD may be obtained for a $25 fee from the Borough Clerk's office.

Bobby Chez and Pewter Village success stories
Pewter Village is located on Eldridge Avenue between Taylor and Champion Avenues. Bobby Chez is located at 33 Collings Avenue behind Borough Hall. What do an apartment complex and a gourmet food establishment have in common? They are both redevelopment projects of the Borough of Collingswood which have restored dilapidated structures, And both are such magnificent successes that it is difficult to imagine how they began. In completion, they are contributors, par excellence, to the continuing Collingswood resurgence.

Collingswood Foundation For The Arts Leases Scottish Rite Auditorium For 50 Years
On December 8, the Collingswood Foundation for the Arts and the Masons of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite executed a lease which became effective on January 1, 2003. The Arts Foundation will rehabilatate the structure for theater, orchestra, grand dining, dancing and community use. The Masonic organization will continue to use the facility for their regular schedule of events. They will continue to own the building. The Scottish Rite has seen performances by Robrt Klein, Patty Griffin, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Joan Baez, Ben Folds, The Beach Boys, Bill Cosby, Michael Bolton and many, many more.
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