Trash & Recycling

Public Works - Trash & Recycling

South Jersey Sanitation is the contractor for solid waste and recycling for our Borough. Call 856-772-9899 for additional information or if your trash or recycling is missed.

Please place solid waste and recyclables curbside after 5pm. on the night before pickup, or before 6am on your collection day. Plastic or metal containers or watertight heavy-duty plastic trash bags may be used for solid waste. DO NOT use special recycling containers for trash. Containers should be no larger than 3’ x 3’ x 3’ and weigh no more than 50 lbs.

Bulk items such as household appliances, furniture, etc., may be discarded with normal trash pickup except during the holiday. Limit of 2 items per week. It is recommended that during the time of purchase, have vendor dispose of old item.

Commercial properties will be picked up subject to a limitation of six – 50 pound packages per property.

Collingswood recycling is Single Stream. Mix all your recycling into one container - glass, paper and plastics can all be mixed together in your blue recycling container. You can recycle rigid plastics #1 & 2curbside (no bags or caps)! Learn more about basic recycling and recycling everything in your home sustainably on the Green Team Recycling page here.

Mixed recycling will be collected on your scheduled trash pick up day. Please place your container at the curb, 2 to 3 feet from your trash. All types of paper and cardboard are acceptable and may be mixed togehter. (You may still keep paper seperate in brown paper bags if convienient for you).

Cans, glass and plastics should be washed as clean as possible removing all lids and caps. If you need an additional container, please stop by the Public Works Department at 713 N. Atlantic Ave. (next to the water towers) between 7am and 3pm.

Collection Schedule
The Borough provides weekly collection of solid waste and recycling. There are six holidays that collection will not take place. They are: NEW YEAR’S DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, JULY 4TH, LABOR DAY, THANKSGIVING DAY and CHRISTMAS DAY.

View the trash collection route/days map here.

Browning Road to White Horse Pike
Collings Avenue to High Speed Line (PATCO)
White Horse Pike to Champion Avenue
Newton Avenue to Crescent Boulevard
Includes Woodlynne Avenue (Clay) and 300/400 blocks of Park Avenue

Bellevue Terrace up to and including Knight Avenue
PATCO High Speed Line to South Cooper River Drive

WEDNEDAY - No pickup

High Speed Line (PATCO) to S. Newton Lake Drive
Lakeview Drive to Haddon Township Border
Bettlewood Avenue to Browning Road
Collings Avenue to N. Newton Lake Drive

Harvard Avenue to Haddon Township Border
PATCO High Speed Line to Haddon Township Border and South Cooper River Drive
Maple and Highland Avenues from Knight Avenue to Woodlawn Avenue

Special/Hazardous Waste Collection Days   NOTE: The Hazardous Waste Collection originally scheduled for April 25 is postponed until further notice.
To find out where these events are being held and what to bring & what NOT to bring, please go to to County page here.