Collingswood, New Jersey

Administration - Mayor and Commissioners

Mayor Jim Maley

Welcome to the Collingswood web site. We hope this easy-to-navigate site helps you learn more about our community whether you've lived here all your life or you're looking to come for dinner at one of our restaurants or to see performances by entertainers like Joan Baez or Robert Klein at the Collingswood Theater. The only magic missing from this site is the friendliness and warmth of our residents. Explore us here on the web and then come in person. You'll experience first-hand why "Collingswood is where you want to be!"

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— Jim Maley, Mayor

Commissioner Joan Leonard

Dear Friends and Neighbors: Thank you for making Collingswood such a friendly and welcoming community. You have contributed to the quality of life in our town in so many ways. As you raise your children, care for your home or business, help your neighbors in times of need and volunteer and participate in various town activities, you have helped to make Collingswood a great place to live. Thank you for your kindness, your spirit of generosity, your wonderful enthusiasm and for choosing Collingswood to be the village where you have made your home or business.

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— Joan Leonard, Commissioner

Commissioner Robert Lewandowski

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— Rob Lewandowski, Commissioner
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