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Harrison Ave Water and Sewer Utility Improvements
Location: Harrison Avenue between Sloan Avenue and Route 130.
Project Start Date: April 2023
Anticipated Project Length: 2 months

Work will include:
-Replacement of the existing six (6) inch terracotta sewer main with eight (8) inch PVC.
-New main will  be bored under Route 130 to connect to the east side of Harrison Avenue.  

Sewer replacement will improve flow from residents along the Sloan Avenue (from Magill Avenue to Harrison Avenue), Taylor Avenue (from Magill Avenue to Route 130), and the Crestwood Apartments.  It will also correct an issue with surcharge of the existing smaller main. The installation of the eight (8) inch ductile iron water main will connect two dead-end mains on the west side of Sloan and Taylor Avenues to create a loop.  This loop will improve water flow and pressure for the residents along the west side of Sloan Avenue and the Crestwood Apartments.  It will improve hydrant usage for fire suppression. 

Both main improvements would also support potential future development in the area. Construction along the roadway is anticipated to begin in late March and extend through early May.  Access to and from Route 130 will be closed at Harrison Avenue during the day.  Residents of Comly Avenue will not have access to Comly Lane from Harrison Avenue for an anticipated two (2) week time period, early on in the project. 

With any project questions, contact Borough Engineer Tim Staszewski  at 856-795-9595 x1094 or  or Borough Administrator Cassandra Duffey at 856-854-0720 x125 or

Comly Ave Temporary Filters project
Comly Ave Water Treatment Plant
Anticipated Project Duration:
Installation of Temporary Filters: Spring/Summer 2021
Use of Temporary Filters: 3 years
Work will include:

  • Temporary Charcoal Filters to Remove Trace Amounts of PFOA
  • New Concrete Pad
  • Cranes for Delivery
  • Additional Staff On-Site

The Comly Ave Temporary Filters project is part of a short-term and long-term plan to continue meeting State water quality standards in the Borough's Water System. Read full details here: "Time for an Update on the Borough's Water System".

Water (lead) Service Line Reporting

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