Collingswood, New Jersey

Stormwater Management

In accordance with our NJDEP tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit, the Borough of Collingswood has adopted various Ordinances to regulate the impact of Stormwater runoff and pollutants on the environment. We have enacted the Ordinances to protect our environment, and to keep pollutants that are commonly conveyed by Stormwater from adversely impacting our waterways and groundwater supplies.

Listed below are the ordiances and other public information to better inform our residents. 

Pet Waste - Ordinance 134523.2 KB
Improper Disposal of Waste - Ordinance 134630.38 KB
Containerized Yard Waste - Ordinance 134717.84 KB
Wildlife Feeding Ordinance 134813.88 KB
Litter Control - Ordinance 134914.48 KB
Yard Waste Collection Program - Ordinance 135020.79 KB
Stormwater Control Ordinance131.39 KB
Stormwater Broshure - Solutions to Polution681.16 KB
Car Washing advertisement92.56 KB
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