Collingswood, New Jersey

Nominate a "Community Champion!"

Nominate a great resident for the Collingswood Community Champion Awards!

We can all agree Collingswood is an amazing place to live, right? But what makes it that way? We’ve got something other towns don’t.


Volunteers and community minded folks make a difference in Collingswood every day by creating a positive environment in our town.  Organizations, drives, vigils, events - they are all powered by the enthusiasm of our residents to make something happen for the greater good. Often, the efforts of volunteers, organizations and staff that go above and beyond go unnoticed.  Some of our town’s most beloved features and programs were born out of volunteer efforts (Did you know our beloved Farmers’ Market was born of volunteer suggestion and hard work!? It’s just one of dozens of examples of how volunteers make Collingswood even greater every day.).

The Collingswood Community Champion Awards provide  formal recognition to those who have dedicated their time, talent and resources to making Collingswood the best it can be and improving the quality of life of their fellow citizens.

Who do you know that has tirelessly given back for the sake of giving back?  Government officials, fellow residents, or community organizations can nominate people or organizations to receive awards.

• Sustainable Champion
• Historic Preservation
• Youth Service or Mentorship 
• Town Beautification
• School Champion
• Business
• Town Hero

 Awardees will be honored at monthly Commission meetings and featured in the Collingswood Town Crier. We know you’re out there, do-gooders. If you know a Collingswood Community Champion, fill out the nomination form here.

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