Collingswood, New Jersey

Take the One Bag Challenge!

The Borough of Collingswood invites Collingswood residents to take the one bag challenge and make the pledge:

Aim to reduce your weekly trash output to one 13 gallon trash bag.

How can you do it? Here are some tips on reducing you weekly trash:

-Reduce what you bring into the house; buy products with less packaging or start to buy in bulk using glass jars.

-Compost your kitchen scraps to reduce your waste output. Vermiculture or simply having a bin outdoors, allows for the break down of kitchen scraps. Later, the scraps will break down into nutritional soil, great for using in a garden.

-Avoid plastic cutlery and plastic plates/bowls/cups. Use glassware as much as possible, or aim to buy paper products.

-Kick the plastic water bottle habit! Use a water bottle that is BPA free. Same goes for coffee cups, most places will take your reusable mug to fill in the morning.

-Be creative! Make croutons or bread crumbs with left over bread products.

-ReUse take out containers for potlock events/parties/packing lunch.

-Use compostable dog bags for waste. They break down faster than plastic bags.

-Avoid using plastic sandwich bags when possible. Aim to use tupperware or reusable sandwich bags.

-Cut down on paper towel usage. Designate towels for cleaning surfaces around the house.

-Recycle #'s 1,2,4,5, & 7 curbside! Plastic tops cannot be recycled.

-Support businesses who recycle or reuse products to cut down on consumerism.

FRUGAL gives a 20% discount for donations of clean clothing and accessories.

WHOLE FOODS takes Brita filters for recycling. Also will take batteries, corks and plastic bags. 

MOM'S ORGANIC accepts candy/granola bar wrappers, batteries, Brita filters, cellphones, drink pouches, food squeeze pouches, glasses, healthy & beauty packaging,, plastic, shoes, natural cork, AND snack bags.

UPS takes bubble wrap or packing peanuts for reuse. 

COLLINGSWOOD LIBRARY will recyle ink cartridges and cellphones (where proceeds will benefit  Collingswood Public Schools).

HOME DEPOT will take use CFLs (fluorescent light bulbs) 

LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL collects old glasses; a drop off box is found across from the fire department.

BEST BUY recycles mostly electronics you could think of. 

TERRACYCLE is large recycling company that will take a plethora of packaging or items that can be recycled and turn into another product

COLLINGSWOOD BIKE SHARE is a community program that recycles bicycles for members to lease throughout the year. 

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY/ GOODWILL will take most household items from furniture to clothing!

CAMTECH of COLLINGSWOOD recycles computers and computer components for an affordable fee. 

CAMDEN COUNTY has designated days for hazardous waste removal, paper shredding, and electronic recycling:

COLLINGSWOOD POLICE provides a drop box for “Project Medicine Drop” to help residents dispose of unused medications. 

FOAM PACK INDUSTRIES is a New Jersey resource for the recycling of polystyrene foam blocks used for packaging of computers, laptops, kitchen appliances and televisions. Try to avoid styrofoam all together; it does not decompose in the environment under normal circumstances.

LATEX PAINT is accepted by Commissioner Joan Leonard and reused for painting projects around the town. Email


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