Collingswood, New Jersey

‘Collsopoly’ board game still available!

Attention kids of all ages!

Based on the all time favorite Monopoly game, Collsopoly players compete for properties that are, or were once, a part of Collingswood. You can’t buy Boardwalk or Park Place in this game, but you can become the proud owner of classic Collingswood stores, restaurants and businesses.

Like Monopoly, Collsopoly features some pitfalls for would-be business tycoons – but if you land on GO TO COURT there are several local attorneys on the board who can bail you out.

At only $10, this limited edition game is a great holiday gift for everyone who lives, used to live, or wishes they lived in Collingswood.

Since this is an original edition, printed more than 10 years ago, some of the ‘stops’ are no longer in town but did contribute to the original game.

Games are available by contacting Mark Newbie School at 856-926-5706. Only a limited supply left!

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