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Collingswood Cash


It's the gift everyone loves! Use it all over town, at your favorite stores, restaurants and services, Collingswood Cash is our version of a mall gift certificate. Certificates are available in increments of $5, $10, $25 and $50 and redeemable at your favorite businesses for face value. Cash at face value is available year round for purchase at:

*Collingswood Borough Hall, 678 Haddon Ave. from 9am to 4:30pm

*1st Colonial Community Bank, 1040 Haddon Ave. whose lobby hours are 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday

NOTE:  Sun Bank is no longer a selling location for Collingswood Cash.

Collingswood Cash is not accepted at Wawa, Aldi, Penguin Cleaners and Devil's Creek Brewery. 

Collingswood Cash can only be purchased at the above locations.  No phone or online orders. CASH ONLY for purchases - no credit cards accepted at this time.


Collingswood and Camden County will host a tailgate party on Nov 19 at Borough Hall for guests lined up for the sale! Those camped out at Borough Hall will enjoy an early morning party to kick off the holiday season in Collingswood! Starting at 6:30 a.m. on November 19 festivities kick off with music and games for guests. There will be multiple giveaways per hour including concert tickets, sports merchandise, tailgating gear and Collingswood themed goods. Organizers will also host crowd trivia games, provide breakfast snacks and goodies to keep folks warm and happy. Details on the early morning party are here!

Collingswood to give away $45K to shoppers Nov 18 as part of yearly ‘free money’ promo

For the ninth year in a row, Collingswood will give away tens of thousands of dollars in Collingswood Cash to folks that enjoy shopping, dining and services in town.

On November 18 shoppers that purchase $50 in Collingswood Cash –the Borough’s equivalent to a mall gift card– will receive an additional $20 to spend anywhere in town. The Borough will sell $112,500 worth of Collingswood Cash and give away $45,000. Shoppers that buy a max of $400 during the promotion receive a bonus $160 to spend in town. The bonus money is limited and has traditionally sold out in roughly an hour. The yearly promotion greatly stimulates the local economy by incentivizing holiday shopping in Collingswood.

“There will be $157,500 in the hands of shoppers that can only be used in Collingswood,” said Collingswood Mayor James Maley. "It's a promotion that brings our businesses a lot of attention and directly impacts the shopping season here."

Over the past eight years, more than half a million dollars worth of Collingswood Cash will have been sold to spend at local shops during the holidays. The decision to increase the amount is a result of the popularity of the promotion which brings lines at all three selling locations and sells out very quickly. 

Bonus Cash sales start on November 18. Shoppers can come to Collingswood Borough Hall (678 Haddon Ave) starting at 9 a.m. to purchase a maximum of $400 Collingswood Cash, netting a free $160 to spend, give as gifts, etc. NOTE: Borough Hall will be the only selling location for the Promotional sale. The promotion comes with a coupon book filled with additional offers from more than 20 Collingswood shops, restaurants and services, deepening the discounts and offering specials all over town. Bonus cash is first come, first served.

Shoppers commonly buy gifts and dinners, but have gotten cars repaired, taken vacations, gotten dental work done and even had animals taxidermied with the bonus cash. The promotion is funded by the Business Improvement District tax, a collective fund used to support the business districts.

The cash incentive is paired with the Borough’s yearly effort to put together a beautiful shopping streetscape in the business districts. Merchants extend shopping hours and carolers sing on Fridays and Saturdays, storefronts are hung with garland, the town is dressed in more than a quarter-million lights and parking is free in December. Collingswood even guarantees snow during the season, setting the winter mood with snow machines throughout the downtown.

The standard certificates last forever but the bonus cash expires on March 31, 2017. Most businesses in town accept Collingswood cash. Bonus cash comes only with Collingswood Cash purchased in $50 denominations. Collingswood Cash is sold year round at face value. The promotion is limited to the season and quantity.

Holiday Cash promotion restrictions:
* The $20 Bonus Certificate has no cash value and expires on March 31, 2018 

* There is a $400 limit per person on the purchase.

*Purchasers must 18 years or older to receive Bonus Cash.

* Purchase can be made by cash or credit card (a convenience fee of $4 on every $100 purchase will be added to the sale). Personal checks are not accepted. 

* $20 Bonus only comes with the sale of a $50 Certificate. The $50 certificate cannot be broken down into small denominations either at the time of purchase or after the purchase.

* Collingswood Cash cannot be used to purchase gift cards for out of town businesses at Rite Aid.

 * Change back from Collingswood Cash is at the discretion of the individual businesses.  Businesses may issue a store credit for larger amounts.

For more information call Collingswood Partners, Inc. at 856-858-9275.

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