Pop Up Gala 2016
Sixth annual Pop Up Gala September 8, 2018

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We’re Popping Up – Again! Collingswood’s mystical, elegant and ultra-covert night of dinner & dancing is in the works yet again. Organizers are planning the biggest dinner party of the year with top secret surprises on September 8, 2018.

The Pop Up Gala aims to bring together people from all over the community for a night of cultural enjoyment and enhance the use of a secret, yet ordinary public space just for one night, leaving no trace behind.

Participants register to attend on the scheduled date and time but don’t know the location when they purchase tickets. Just before 7 p.m. on the night of the event, guests are led by organizers to a top secret spot and hundreds of diners converge to enjoy to a giant, elegant, pop-up dinner with music and festivities! Guests wear all white and bring all their items – tables, chairs, flatware, food and drink – and leave with it all at the end of the night. A list of preliminary rules is below.

Guests at Collingswood’s Pop Up Gala’s go all out with elaborate tablescapes, accessories, menus and extravagant final touches. Often, guests work together in multi-partner “teams” to plan and prepare for the evening, although couples are not unusual for the event. The event was named South Jersey’s “Best Dining Experience” by South Jersey Magazine. Organizers expect hundreds for this fifth anniversary event and tickets are limited.

>>Ticketing will open in JUNE. Tickets must be purchased online and are sold only in pairs. Guests must by 21 or older.

$40 PER PAIR before August 18.
$50 PER PAIR August 18 through September 7.

PRELIMINARY RULES: How a super-secret Pop Up Gala works...
1. You will receive an introductory email from your team leader approximately 3 days before the Pop Up Gala. Then, on Saturday, you will be notified approximately six hours before the event and given a location to meet your Team Leader and a group of your fellow Pop Up attendees between 6:15 and 6:30 in the evening. Your Team Leader will then receive a text promptly at 6:30 to proceed to the event site. You will walk through Collingswood as a group bringing everything you need with you for a fabulous dinner party.
2. You must come with a date, significant other, old friend or new friend. Only pairs of tickets will be sold and you must wear your white wrist band during the event.
3. You must wear all white. Creative elegance is encouraged.
4. You must bring your own small folding table for 2 or your team (roughly between 28"-32” wide), accompanying chairs, a white tablecloth, non-disposable china and flatware, and a candlelit (faux candlelight encouraged) centerpiece. Please bring your own trash bag and consider adding to your picnic basket bug spray and towelettes/wipes.). Creative elegance is encouraged.
5. You must bring food for 2 and, if you choose, bottles of your favorite champagne or wine and your own non-disposable wine glasses.
6. You must be able to walk with your Pop Up accoutrements six to eight blocks to the event. You will be given instructions to meet up with your Team Leader on the evening of the event at a location to be determined. Please be there on time. Teams will be leaving for the secret location at 6:30. Handicapped accommodations can be made upon request. Please make a note of that when registering.
7. You will enjoy yourself! Dining and celebrating under the stars, making new friends and dancing the night away. You must clean up all traces of your dinner and your space.
8. This is a rain or shine event (although postponement may occur in the case of very inclement weather).

**Rules may be updated before event!**