July 2019 storm updates

July 24, 8pm: Good news! E. Coulter has three new poles up and power has been restored to that block. The pole on Crestmont has been replaced and power restored to that block. W. Browning has a pole crew currently there working and expect to have that pole up by midnight.

Additionally, PSE&G has reported to Borough officials that the substation damage causing the outage along the Haddon Ave area should be repaired (and operational) by midnight.

In all seriousness, if you still have a power issue after midnight reach out to PSE&G and let Borough officials know. Big tip of the hat to our local crews, officials and responders who have been working and coordinating to get power back to Collingswood pretty much non-stop. Thank you to everyone in the community who have been great neighbors through the storm and aftermath!
July 24, 3pm:
We're approaching the 48 hour mark since the storm event.  Collingswood faces two major issues: Substation outage which is affecting Haddon Ave area and downed poles on E. Coulter, Crestmont and W. Browning. During that time in the southern region power has been restored to 264k customers, 9,000 remain without power.  PSEG has 1,900 employees out in the field with an additional 1,000 personnel from out of state and Canada. The weather outlook continues to be favorable for the repair process. We are helping to coordinate agencies to facilitate repairs at the substation. At this time we do not have a firm ETA on restoration but PSEG is dedicating all resources to restoration efforts. We expect follow up information from our regional representatives concerning ETAs for power in all areas of Collingswood. When we get those details, we will make them available.

The closest PSEG sponsored ice and water station is setup in the parking lot of Cherry Hill East High School on Kresson Road. If any resident is in need they can go to this location to get these supplies. Any resident with critical Life Sustaining Medical Equipment that is without power is urged to contact 911 for relocation.  

If you are using generators, please be extremely careful and never run indoors or close to a building.

***PLEASE treat all downed wires as if they were live. Do not cross any area where there is caution tape/blockades. These areas are dangerous.***

PATCO expects to resume full service by 8pm this evening, possible earlier.

The online PSEG Outage Map gets updated frequently and can be viewed here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/outagecenter.pseg.com/external/default.html

July 24, 10am: 
PSE&G and Borough crews continue working diligently to restore power and clear areas. Some small sections of town have been restored but many areas remain without power. We will have more information after 2pm.

-Roberts Pool is open today, Wednesday, July 24, regular hours.
-Community Center is open as a recharging / cooling station.
-Collingswood Public Library remains closed.
-Mummers concert this evening on Powell Lane is on as scheduled, 7pm.

Traffic: Closures include
W. Browning from Haddon to Park (pole down across the road)
E. Coulter between Highland and S. Park Drive (pole and wires down))
Haddon Avenue traffic pattern (until power is restored)
200 block of Crestmont should be opened shortly
200 block of Madison will be cleared shortly
PD/FD will continue to make the rounds around town today to keep an eye on the affected sections of town as well as do public outreach.

PLEASE treat all downed wires as if they were live.  Do not cross any area where there is caution tape/blockades. These areas are dangerous.

The online PSEG Outage Map gets updated frequently and can be viewed here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/outagecenter.pseg.com/external/default.html

July 23, 3pm:
PSE&G is working on cutting the power to the areas of downed wires and restoring power where they easily can. They were able to restore some power to the areas that were hit that were beyond the downed wires (Crestmont/Coulter/Franklin/Browning).
They stated that the Collingswood substation is out and that is causing a lot of the issues. They are working on getting that back up with no ETA given. It is possible that the side streets mentioned above will be out for possibly days.
DPW was right behind FD working to clear the streets mentioned above where it was deemed safe by PSEG. There are still a lot of poles down on those streets. We believe all of the downed wires will be deemed safe by the end of day. (Please avoid all downed wires. Assume all downed wires are live and dangerous.)
The online PSEG Outage Map gets updated frequently and can be viewed here.

Any resident can report an outage by phone at 1-800-436-PSEG, the residents can also text in an outage by texting to 4PSEG. In the southern region there are still 44,000 customers without power as of 1pm, in this grid there are 22 substations down, 37 distribution circuits that are down, 311 house services that are down, and 29 known pole replacements that need to done.  Besides the light rain today, the weather is looking favorable for the next couple days which will aid in restoration.
The Community Center will remain open daily for cooling/charging for the foreseeable future.
Roberts Pool is expected to be open on WEDNESDAY, JULY 24.

July 23, 12pm:
Roberts Pool is closed today (Tuesday, July 23) due to issues caused by storms. Staff is working to hopefully reopen by tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.

July 23, 10am: 
A lot of folks without power out there – PSEG working to get everything going again but there could be long waits. For now, the Collingswood Community Center (30 W Collings Ave) is open as a power/cooling/relaxing station for folks that need to recharge. If you have a power strip, please bring it! Board games welcome.
FYI: The Collingswood Public Library is closed without power. Streets are blocked, lines are down – stay away. We’ll be following up with more info as we get it.

July 22, 9pm:
Storm update. The water plant experienced a power outage due to the storm. Power has since been restored at the plant. As a result you may experience brown water from the pumps turning off and on. Although this is not dangerous it can ruin clothing if you do laundry. To clear up the water, you can turn on the cold water at the lowest point in the house and run it until it is clear.

July 22, 7pm: QUICK BUT POWERFUL: Tonight's storm left several without power and downed trees and lines in areas all over town. Our Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is working as we speak (er, type) but it is *ultra* important to remind folks to avoid live wires. Do not drive over or touch downed lines. Do not assume wires are not live and stay at least 30 feet away. Please share!
More info>> https://nj.pseg.com/safetya…/electricsafety/downedpowerlines