Crestmont Terrace information and updates

>>Feb 27, 2020
Public Safety update: Collingswood Police and Camden County Prosecutors Office (CCPO) have announced a suspect was taken into custody Wednesday night and that charges have been filed in connection with last weekend’s Crestmont Terrace assault and Champion Ave burglary incidents. No charges have been filed in connection with any other incident.

Many thanks to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, our Police Department and citizens, whose joint efforts brought about this arrest. We applaud their excellent and professional work. Thank you to everyone that reached out with concerns, information and support. Let’s keep the spirit of our safe community strong as we move forward. Stay aware and report anything that seems out of place at any time.

Full details from CCPO here.

>>Feb 25, 2020

From the Collingswood Police Department:
As a follow up to the Swift 911 alert that was sent out on Sunday, 2/23/2020, the Collingswood Police Department responded to two (2) day-time residential burglaries on Saturday, 2/22/2020. In both incidents, no one was home at the time of the break-in; however, one homeowner arrived home and interrupted the suspect in the act of burglarizing their home. The resident was not injured and provided a description of the actor being a thin, Hispanic or African American male, carrying a back pack and wearing a ski mask. As the investigation into those incidents continues, we are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a person of interest, who is depicted below.

If you have any information or are able to identify the depicted male, please contact the Collingswood Police at (856) 854-1900.

It is unknown at this time if there is any connection to the home invasion on Crestmont Terrace, but we taking that into consideration as both investigations continue. Either way, please be remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity of any kind to the police.

Feb 2020 suspect 1
Feb 2020 suspect 2

>>Feb 24, 2020

By now, many of you have heard that there was a break in and fire on Crestmont Terrace in Collingswood on Sunday. We know this has folks seeking information so we would like to keep everyone as up to date as possible with accurate info.

This is an active investigation and Collingswood Police are working alongside the Camden County Prosecutors Office to find and apprehend the perpetrator. As they conduct their investigation, there are a few things we want folks to keep in mind on a local level:

While there is no imminent threat, it is always safest to keep your doors and windows locked. Regardless of this situation, this is always the best policy to discourage criminal activity in our neighborhoods.

Please report suspicious activity. If you see something suspicious – and that means ANYTHING out of the usual -  please do not hesitate to reach out to the Collingswood Police.  Information from residents can be extremely valuable before and after criminal activity and in creating a pattern of information that helps to keep our neighborhoods safer.

We are requesting that the public assist in sending any information that they think may help this investigation. Investigators are looking for a thin, dark-skinned man with a short beard and dark hair. He was wearing a yellow winter hat with a yellow and black zip-up sweatshirt.

Anyone with information should call Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Mike Batista at 856-676-8175 or Collingswood Police Sgt. William Lyons at 609-868-0266. Information can also be emailed to Collingswood PD and CCPO will be canvassing the area over the next few days. 

Sunday evening we used the Camden County Reverse 911 system to communicate information with residents over the weekend. To sign up for those notifications, click here.

This is a tragic and upsetting incident in our community. Please know that we are as vigilant as ever about keeping Collingswood safe and keeping everyone informed. We will try to continue to provide updates and if you have questions or concerns you would like to reach us about, do not hesitate. - James Maley, Mayor - Police Chief Kevin Carey