Mayor's Blog, Park View Towers update - Jan 24, 2022

See the Mayor's video update here.

Just before the New Year, there was news regarding the sale of the Parkview from Morgan properties to Premier Properties. Before agreeing to transfer the PILOT, we required specific improvements and security measures from the new owners. Our struggles with Morgan through the pandemic made it especially clear that this sale was an opportunity to hold any new management accountable for necessary changes that were very important to quality of life for residents at Parkview (now Park Towers).

Before closing, Premier agreed to a $17 million renovation plan under a specific schedule. Just after closing, the Premier management team asked to hold a meeting with Borough officials to review first steps. We were encouraged to hear that within the first two weeks they replaced the both the elevator and boiler contractors and authorized repairs for better functionality, increased cleanings in stairwells, hired a new pest control service and are evaluating quality of life items like parking, lighting, etc., immediately.

Regarding required security changes: Before the end of January, an approved security plan will be implemented. This plan, reviewed and approved by Collingswood PD, places a roving guard and dedicated guards in all four building lobbies Sunday-Thursday from 3 to 10pm and Friday-Saturday from 3-12pm. Every visitor who enters the building will need to present ID and log in. For at least the first month, security will call tenants to confirm they were expecting the visitor prior to allowing them access beyond the lobby. They have also committed to new camera systems as well as lock and access systems, which will be replaced in 2022. That security plan is attached. 

To date, we have not seen an increase in call volume to our code enforcement or police department. With maintenance issues, please reach out to Parkview Towers management by calling 856-854-4112 or online at so their staff can respond. If you do not get a response, Collingswood code enforcement can be reached at 856-854-7447 x101.

Premier has committed to significant improvements at the complex and, to date, they have stuck to the agreement. We remain cautiously optimistic but will continue to keep open communication with them, including monthly meetings with enforcement and police staff. We continue to respond to any residents that need Borough resources for assistance, as well. While we are closely monitoring the progress of new management and the feedback from residents that we receive regularly, we are hopeful these improvements will start to improve conditions at the complex. 

We spent a significant amount of time and resources holding Morgan accountable on behalf of Parkview residents, and we expect to do the same with Premier on behalf of Park Tower residents. With any questions or concerns do not hesitate to email me or Commissioners Lewandowski and Robinson. 

Happy New Year,
Mayor James Maley