Collingswood Creative Committee

Creative Committee Overview

In May of 2021, the Borough adopted a resoluton for the creation of a Creative Committee  recognizing the public value of a strong local arts community and its ability to foster beauty, creativity and vitality in ways that engage residents while ading a diverse cultural experience and supporting businesses through economic activity. 

The arts are one of the few activities that bridge all the components of community success - the economy, the social fabric, and the physical environment foster economic development by increasing property values, grow cultural tourism, and encourage the flow of commerce to other sectors via the creative economy and provide an opportunity for individuals to gather and engage in shared community experiences and build relationships and awareness of and appreciation for our physical environment such as its beauty, fragility and need for stewardship.

It is the goal of the Collingswood Creative Team to support and grow sustainable local creative organizations, events, and programming that advances the arts and culture, promotes a thriving arts scene, and facilitates exciting new connections, strategic partnerships and creative collaborations and to work closely with the Collingswood Foundation for the Arts to further promote arts and culture in the community.

Committee Members

Mary Baldwin
Kim Brooks
Geoff DiMasi
Cassandra Duffey
Shane Michael Duncan
Denise Guerin
Jamie Kerth
Kevin Monko
Meishka Mitchell
Eric Robinson
Ellen Rosenholtz