Borough Administrator

Borough Administrator - Cassandra Duffey
Phone: 856-854-0720 x125

Collingswood's Administrator is responsible for managing all municipal departments and a broad scope of tasks that deal with overseeing Borough projects and employees.

The Borough Administrator assists the Commissioners in managing Borough affairs in accordance with Municipal Ordinances and the laws of the State of New Jersey and of the United States. The Borough Administrator plans, directs and coordinates through appointed department heads the various services and activities as determined by the Borough Commissioners in accordance with the Borough’s Municipal Code.

The Administrator is charged with executing the policies and procedures put forth by the Board of Commissioners. The Administrator is also responsible for developing procedures and for ensuring adherence to these procedures by all departments and employees.

The Administrator is responsible for the maintenance of sound positive public relations between the Town and its citizens; between the Borough and other governmental agencies and between the various boards and commissions that make up the Borough government.

The Administrator also:

  • Monitors the budget and all financial affairs of Collingswood; works closely with Commissioners, finance office and department heads to develop a comprehensive budget
  • Implements Board of Commissioners policy decisions and provides staff in all departments with the clear and efficient operating procedures necessary to carry out policy mandates.
  • Serves as liaison between the Board of Commissioners and various public and private agencies and businesses and the citizens of Collingswood.