Municipal Court


General Information
Brian Herman, Judge
Elena Benedetti, Court Administrator
Timothy Higgins, Esq. - Prosecutor
Charles Wiggington, Esq. - Public Defender

30 W. Collings Avenue (Community Center)
Collingswood, NJ 08108
Phone: 856-854-7535

Hours & Sessions: Certain Wednesdays at 10:30am (please see calendar here).
Court office hours are 9am to 4pm daily.

For information regarding overnight parking and parking permits in Collingswood, see the Police page here.

Collingswood Municipal Court is an independent branch of government constitutionally entrusted with the fair and just resolution of disputes in order to preserve the rule of law and to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United Sates and this state.

Paying Tickets Online
Violations that can be paid online can be paid here. Directions for payment, frequently asked questions, information on the Point System and more can be found on the New Jersey Courts page here. To pay tickets online you will need the following information:
Court Code – 0411
Ticket number including the letter prefix.
License plate number
Credit Card – VISA or MASTERCARD

Paying Tickets by Mail
You can also pay by mail to the address above. Please include the ticket or a copy with your check or money order. Do not send cash. Please include a self-stamped address envelope if you would like a receipt. If payment is received after the appearance date, you may be assessed additional penalties.

Paying Tickets in Person
You may pay your ticket in person at the Court office, located at 30 West Collings Avenue (Community Center). Please bring your ticket with a check or money order between the hours of 9am to 4pm.

Contesting Tickets
If you plan to enter a not guilty plea to a traffic summons, you must notify the Court Administrator at least 5 days prior to your scheduled court date. If you fail to do so, it may be necessary for you to make two court appearances. Only those tickets with a checked court appearance date will be listed for court. If you have a summons that does not require a court appearance, but would like to appear, please contact the court prior to your payment date.

Failure to Appear
If you fail to appear in response to a summons, or to pay the penalty, additional charges may result. A warrant for your arrest may be issued, and your driving privileges in New Jersey may be suspended. If you have been issued a parking ticket, and fail to appear or pay the penalty, the owner of the vehicle may be subject to the same consequences listed above. If you have any questions for the Municipal Court, please feel free to contact our office during regular business hours.


Mediation is scheduled through the Municipal Court and is held on the second Wednesday of each month starting at 7:30pm. These sessions are held in the Collingswood Community Senior Center located at 30 W. Collings Avenue. Our mediation program is sponsored the Camden County and is extremely successful in solving most neighborhood disputes. If you are interested in becoming a trained mediator, contact our office.
Mediation information and application can be found in the Forms area here.