Collingswood Police Department - Parking & Permit information

Parking is an issue with no simple solution. Collingswood’s network of roads and homes were built during a time that required accommodating few cars. Now, cars are abundant but our infrastructure remains the same, meaning we have to find a solution that strikes a balance between accommodating drivers but does not crowd our streets. Generally speaking, residences with a legal off street parking space or public parking lot within one block of your residence are not eligible for a permit. If you live in a residence with no off street parking or a smaller driveway, you may be eligible. You can still call in overnight guests by calling 856-854-1901 x590.  However, you will only be permitted to call in guests a maximum of 5 nights in a 30 day period. There is no cost for a permit. Our system considers the needs of different streets and neighborhoods in town. Please read carefully and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Application for an Annual Overnight Parking Permit can be found here.
Please read the following standards and qualifications carefully.

Permit Required
Under Collingswood Municipal Code 293-21, it is unlawful for the owner or driver of any vehicle to allow such vehicle to remain standing in any street in the Borough between the hours of 2am and 6am without a permit.

Your application for a parking permit may be denied for one of the following reasons: 

  • If there is adequate room to park all vehicles on the premises, the application will be denied. Permits are considered on a basis of need and not solely for convenience. 
  • All vehicles at your residence, including those for which parking permits are not applied for, must be currently registered at the address listed.

Application requirements
A copy of ALL the vehicle(s) registration(s) that are registered to the address requesting a permit.
Note: Parking permits are not issued to motor-homes, boats, trailers, trucks with campers larger than a shell, commercial vehicles, or vehicles in excess of 6,000lbs. gross weight. 

Permits Do Not Exempt You From The Following

  • When a vehicle is found parked in violation of any NJ Statute which would warrant towing  of the same, such as a violation of N.J.A.S 39:3-4, Unregistered Motor Vehicle.
  • If a vehicle is parked or left standing upon a roadway for 24 or more consecutive hours, the  vehicle may be towed as described in Collingswood Municipal Code 293-22.

Why Do I Have To Have An Overnight Parking Permit? 

Primarily, the concerns those of safety.  Some of the benefits of restricting parking on the streets include: reducing opportunity for vehicle-related crimes, easier recognition of suspicious, stolen, abandoned and disabled vehicles, enhances neighborhood aesthetics and improves access for overnight emergency, utility or road repair vehicles. This is a policy is many surrounding towns with similar infrastructure.

Imagine there are no restrictions on overnight parking. This would mean that anyone could park their vehicles in front of your house, at any time. You and the other drivers in your household may not be able to park close enough to your own home, at night or throughout the day. Furthermore, we work very hard to stay on top of the services throughout our Borough. Allowing unfettered overnight parking would only make things such as snow plowing, leaf and trash collection and other services more difficult to complete.

Since the earliest days of our Borough’s incorporation, residents have found ways to park. As families grow and the numbers of cars increase, it is sometimes a challenge to find adequate parking. Our goal is that with these policies, enforcement and neighborliness, everyone can cooperate to find ways to keep our streets clean and safe.

When Does The Overnight Parking Get Enforced?
It is enforced seven days a week between the hours of 2am to 6am. It is not enforced on recognized holidays.  The Borough is divided into grids/area to ensure equal enforcement throughout the Borough.  Some areas may get cited more frequently due to it being a high complaint area.

What If I Have an Overnight Guest?
You may call in overnight guests a maximum of 5 times in a 30 day period by calling 856-854-1901 x590.

What If I Have A Company Car?  
If you have a company vehicle that you take home at night, in addition to the vehicle registration, you will need to provide a letter from your supervisor on your company’s letterhead indicating that the vehicle has been issued to you and that you are authorized to take the vehicle home at night and park it at your residence.  The letter must include the address of your residence. The vehicle may not be over 6,000 lbs. GVW. 

What Can I Do To Prevent Citations While My Application Is Being Processed? 
You may call the OVERNIGHT PARKING SYSTEM at 856-854-1901 x590 an unlimited amount of times while your application is being process.  Normally there is a restriction of no more than five (5) times per household for a thirty (30) day per year. This can also be used for visitors. 

What Happens If My Permit Is Approved? 
You will receive a call and you must then pick up your permit(s). If you do not pick up your permit(s), even if you have been approved, you can be cited for Overnight Parking. The permit must be properly displayed and failure to do to will result in being cited.

What Happens If My Application Is Denied? 
You will receive a call. If there are problems with registration, you must fix them and then you may re-submit your application. Reminder: Permits are issued based on need and not convenience. If you have adequate space in your driveway, you will be denied a permit. 

Can I Contest My Parking Citation? 
Yes. You will need to contact Collingswood Municipal Court at 856-854-7535

What If I Have A Disabled Placard? 
That does not exempt you from any parking restrictions. You will still need to apply for a permit. 

Can I Park On My Lawn?
No. Collingswood Municipal Code prohibits parking any vehicle(s) on the lawn. The vehicle will be cited. 

See our parking map here.

Haddon Avenue
Hours of enforcement: 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.
Rates: 50 cents per hours for a maximum of three hours
-Haddon Avenue from Fern Avenue up to and including to Powell Lane is covered by Kiosks.  They are located on both sides of the street and not more than a block apart.  Along Haddon Avenue beyond that area still has traditional coin meters.

Atlantic Avenue / Borough Hall lots
Hours of enforcement: 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.
Rates: 50 cents per hours for a maximum of six hours
-Traditional coin meters are still in use in the Atlantic Avenue lots, underneath the PATCO Speedline and behind the Borough Hall.

LumberYard Garage
Hours of enforcement: 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.
Rates: 50 cents per hours for a maximum of three hours
-The garage is part of the LumberYard development with a kiosk located at the center entrance to Powell Lane.

-Kiosks take bills, coins and credit cards. Meters take coins and credit cards.
-There is a $1 minimum for credit card transactions.
-Kiosks allow for Pay by Plate parking.  The “multi-space” meter is pay station kiosk designed for quick, easy, parking. The machine accepts multiple forms of payment, including cash, coins, and credit cards. With “Pay by Plate” parking, you have an option to print a receipt after you pay, however, you do NOT need to return to your vehicle to display the receipt on your dashboard.

NOTE: THE PAY STATION KIOSKS DO NOT PROVIDE CHANGE. If you are not paying with a credit card, or via the mobile payment app, please use exact change.