Collingswood Police Department

"On behalf of the Collingswood Police Department it is my pleasure to welcome you to our page. We are an organization dedicated to professional public service and empowered by public trust. These two mantras are what drive our department towards new and innovative ideas in which to educate, inform and interact with the public we serve. It is our hope that it is in this context you will find our website to be beneficial. "
-Chief of Police Kevin J. Carey

Safety Director: Mayor M. James Maley
Chief of Police: Kevin J. Carey

434 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108
Office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 12pm & 1pm to 4pm
Emergencies: 911
24/7 Non-Emergency Line: 856-854-1900
Police Headquarters: 856-854-1901
Internal Affairs: 856-854-1901 x201
Anonymous Tips: 856-854-1901 x416 or email police@collingswood.com
Administrative Fax: 856-854-1867
Patrol Fax: 856-854-9356
Detective Bureau Fax: 856-436-0709

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Administrative Contacts
Chief Kevin Carey
kcarey@collingswood.com, 856-854-1901 x200

Captain William Lyons
wlyons@collingswood.com, 856-854-1901 x201

Captain John Kline
jkline@collingswood.com, 856-854-1901 x202

Mission Vision and Values

Mission - It is the mission of the Collingswood Police Department to ensure the safety and security of all who live, work and visit in the Borough of Collingswood, through professional policing and community partnerships.

 Vision - The Collingswood Police Department envisions a safe, secure community where the rights, history and culture of each citizen is valued and respected.  We will promote and ensure a high quality of life and a uniquely desirable community identity by providing professional law enforcement services, developing strong collaborative problem-solving strategies with the community and by treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect.

 Values – All employees of the Collingswood Police Department are expected to consistently demonstrate the agency’s Core Values through their daily job performance and interaction with the public. Our Core Values are the central tenets that identify what we believe to be most important to our role as public servants, and it is a belief system that drives our overall mission. 

  • Service - We recognize that public service is our highest priority.  We are committed to providing caring, competent, and professional police service. We continuously work to fulfill our oaths as public servants by responding to the needs of those we serve. 
  • Integrity - We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, which are the cornerstones of our profession. We will uphold the public trust and our commitment to our core values, our code of ethics and the law.
  • Respect - We serve a diverse community and persons in a wide variety of situations who have different needs. We will treat all people, including each other, with fairness and impartiality. We show concern and empathy for victims and treat suspects with fairness and dignity. We understand that we are not granted respect, but rather we earn respect by demonstrating respect in all that we do.
  • Compassion - We will be mindful of the distress of others and demonstrate a sympathetic understanding in our desire to assist them.

Administrative Division:
Investigative Bureau
Professional Standards Bureau

Operations Division:
Patrol Bureau
Support Services Bureau