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This page contains information on:
Resale Certificates of Occupancy
Property maintenance issues/reports & Code Enforcement
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Property Maintenance
The property maintenance code is contained in Chapter 227 of the Collingswood Code. The Board of Commissioners adopted it by Ordinance 1014. The BOCA National Property Maintenance Code of 1993 is the code used by the borough as its criteria. This code covers the inside and the outside of all properties in the borough and sets forth the minimum standards of maintenance. Property Maintenance is an essential part of maintaining the appearance of the Borough of Collingswood. This code holds property owners responsible for the upkeep of their properties. The Borough takes an aggressive approach toward addressing and correcting property maintenance violations. In addition to regulating the overall appearance of properties, the code addresses maintenance of grass, weeds, trees, shrubs, trash, debris, building exteriors, fences, and vehicle storage. Owners whose property violates any provision of the code are notified to correct the violation(s) and comply with the regulations. Owners who do not abide by the laws are taken to court and if necessary, the Borough will make the necessary repairs and bill the owners.

Code Enforcement; Property Maintenance; Nuisance; Health Inspection
Code Enforcement, Property Maintenance, Nuisances and Public Health issues are contained in the Collingswood Code in Chapter 211. The Board of Commissioners 8-16-71 adopted it by Ordinance 662 as Chapter 65 of the 1971 Code.
This code addresses all code enforcement, property maintenance problems as well as nuisances and health issues, heating, noises and sounds, lease and rental of certain buildings, inspections, etc.

How to Make a Complaint
If you have a complaint about a neighbor or any property owner in the Borough, you may contact the Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Office at 856-854-7447 x101 or email

Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Resale
There are several types of Certificates of Occupancy (COs). This type is required at the time of resale of any property in the Borough of Collingswood. The criteria for this CO are contained in Chapter 227-3 of the Collingswood Code which can be found here in our online forms area below. It was adopted in 1994 and primarily concerns the inspection of the concrete for example: sidewalks, driveways, driveway aprons and gutters. If you have any questions regarding the Certificate of Occupancy, please call the Collingswood Fire Prevention and Inspection Bureau at 856-854-7447 x101

Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Rentals
This type is required at the time of the rental of all commercial and residential units in Collingswood. All commercial units must be inspected between tenants. Dwelling units in triplexes and larger must be inspected between tenants. The Boca National Property Maintenance code of 1993 is the criteria used in these inspections.

If you have any questions regarding the Certificate of Occupancy, please call the Collingswood Fire Prevention & Inspection Bureau 856-854-7447 x101.