Collingswood to start road paving projects

As part of Collingswood’s 2018 budget, Borough officials committed more than $1 million toward roadway improvements throughout town. Paving and other road repairs are planned to begin for the following streets:

  • Merrick Avenue from S. Newton Lake Drive to Bettlewood Avenue
  • E. Coulter Avenue from Highland Avenue to S. Park Drive
  • Belmont Avenue from Dayton Avenue to Lees Avenue
  • Mansion Avenue from Lees Avenue to Lees Lane 
  • West Wayne Terrace from Atlantic Avenue to Dwight Avenue
  • Irvin Avenue from Haddon Avenue to Atlantic Avenue
  • Maple Avenue from Lawnside Avenue to Homestead Avenue
  • Ogden Ave from Haddon Avenue to Atlantic Avenue
  • King alley (behind Kind Avenue) from Conger Ave to Center Street
  • Cedar alley (behind Cedar Avenue) from King Avenue to Tatem Avenue
  • Collings Avenue to Park Avenue thruway
  • Park Avenue from Collings Avenue to thruway

“Maintaining our roads is so important to the day-today life of our residents. It literally impacts them every time they pull out of their driveway so it’s a key service but also a costly one. That’s why we are investing $1 million of capital spending to roadways this year,” said Collingswood Mayor James Maley.

These road projects will cover nearly 3,000 feet of roads as well as other repairs and improvements, like curbs, along some stretches. See an overview of roadwork maps here. Roads were evaluated and projects prioritized by need and road damage. Additional road repairs are always being assessed on an as-need basis. To report potholes or other issues, citizens can use the “Report an Issue” button on