Take the Green Challenge, Win Collingswood Cash!

The Green Challenge encourages residents to adopt small lifestyle changes that together make a BIG impact. By pledging to take actions such as unplugging devices not in use, slightly reducing shower time, or shopping local– our community can continue to progress towards a greener world for generations to come!

There are three levels to the Green Challenge: Just Getting Started, Green Friend, and Green Champion. Each level hosts a variety of actions meant to encourage and inspire green choices in our daily lives. No matter what level actions you choose to pledge today, know that your participation makes a difference!

TAKE THE CHALLENGE HERE: https://collsgreen.wufoo.com/forms/green-challenge/

To increase the overall benefit, we’re giving away Collingswood Cash to participants! Drawing will be held by Friday, Aug. 16, so be sure to make your pledge in time to be eligible.