Collingswood Cares aims to assist at-risk families or individuals that have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with support in a variety of ways. 

Collingswood Cares is a 501(c)(3) that can help in the following ways:
-Shopping for food or meal delivery
-Picking up medications
-Financial assistance for basic needs 

If you know someone in need or are in need yourself, please reach out by visiting 

Collingswood Cares was started by Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley and his wife Mary Kay Maley in 1992. Collingswood Cares for its Children in Crisis was formed to support families of chronically and terminally ill children in the community with resources needed for care - medical assistance, meals, transportation - however families needed assistance, Collingswood Cares original goal was to help relieve the burden families faced during sickness and hardship.  

Now, as the Collingswood and the world faces a never seen before challenge in fighting COVID-19, Collingswood Cares has altered its mission to support members of the community that need help during the crisis.  Please visit to volunteer or request assistance.