Collingswood to form Police Advisory Committee

The Borough of Collingswood Commission and Chief of Police announced the formation of a Police Chief’s Advisory Committee at their monthly commission meeting on July 6. The Borough will appoint and work with an executive committee that will select members from diverse backgrounds and expertise to review police department policies, procedures, and programs that affect the community. The Borough is seeking members of the community to serve on the new committee, which will be comprised of individuals representing various backgrounds such as educators, business owners, civil rights and social justice advocates, religious leaders, mental health and substance abuse disorder providers, youth, and the community at large.

Committee members will be charged with maintaining an open channel of communication with the public, the review of policies, the formation of new strategies, and the expansion of community policing programs. The committee members will also act as liaisons to the community.

“Embracing residents’ voices is paramount for law enforcement agencies to promote trust and legitimacy within the communities they serve. The Police Chief's Advisory Committee is a forum to address community concerns and expand communication between residents and law enforcement. The committee’s goals will be driven by the feedback of the community,” said Collingswood Mayor James Maley.

“The focus of the Chief’s Advisory Committee will be to address concerns that center around public safety with a shared commitment toward building more positive relationships,” said Collingswood Police Chief Kevin Carey.

Work began on Collingswood's committee early in 2020. National calls to action after the death of George Floyd and regarding police brutality against Black people drove home the importance of resident participation and input into how policing works in communities.

“The objective is to create an environment where our community feels their police department is accessible, transparent, and values the input of the residents regarding public safety and quality of life for everyone,” added Maley.

The initial goals of the Advisory Committee include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work to build coalitions intended to strengthen the ongoing relationships between the police and Borough residents,
  • Function as a “think tank” and make recommendations to the Police Chief about relevant issues in the community,
  • Provide feedback on behalf of the community in response to proposed police programs and priorities, and
  • Assist in educating the community at large about the function and role of the Collingswood Police Department.

Those interested in serving as an advisory committee member can view and download the application here. Completed applications should be emailed to