Collingswood Mayor and Commissioners Convene Meeting with Governor Murphy and Collingswood's COVID-19 Recovery Committee

This week, Governor Murphy and his top advisors participated in a virtual meeting with Collingswood’s newly formed COVID-19 Recovery Committee. The meeting focused on Collingswood’s success in managing issues through the pandemic, the Borough’s plans to assist residents and businesses by working with committee experts and access to resources that State partners can provide Collingswood in the recovery period.

Murphy started his presentation reinforcing the “standout downtown” Collingswood is known for and stated, “It’s always a good day to be, even virtually, with Collingswood.”

During the meeting Collingswood’s COVID-19 Recovery Committee focused on their plans to administer a community needs assessment, a business needs assessment, current and continuing business support, vaccine goals, and accessing funding and rental assistance as restrictions are lifted.

Governor Murphy and his team provided an overview of the State’s Restart and Recovery Advisory Council which has brought together leaders on a statewide basis to advise leadership on economic matters related to the pandemic.

“Between this phase and recovery, we need to look at what deficiencies there will be for residents, businesses and schools – and how we can best support those groups with the advice of our local experts but also with county, state and federal partners,” said Commissioner Rob Lewandowski “The goal is to reach out to and understand what parts of our community need assistance and how best to provide that or work to bring that help to Collingswood.”

Collingswood created the COVID-19 Recovery Committee to assist residents and businesses facing difficulties as a result of the pandemic crisis. The COVID-19 Recovery Committee consists of members from a wide cross-section of the Collingswood community including, but not limited to, economic experts, healthcare workers and physicians, social service practitioners, business owners, school officials, and other community representatives.  

The committee will examine an array of needs including business recovery and assistance for social services, housing, and rental programs, as well as supporting the schools in developing strategic reopening plans. Resources for State financial assistance will be matched with Collingswood businesses as well as identifying ways in which the Borough can assist through changes in policy to simplify regulations and provide services that increase the businesses’ ability to continue to safely serve their customers.

“The goal of this committee is not only to lift residents and businesses up but to work with residents to create a road map for the future of Collingswood. Ensuring that the Borough’s most vulnerable residents’ and businesses’ needs are met is essential to the future success of all,” said Maley. Part of the discussion with the Governor involved problems faced by the Borough staff who were working to assist tenants with obtaining rental assistance funding and how that might be addressed in the next round of assistance.

“I’m appreciative that Governor Murphy took the time out of his schedule to meet with us and we’re already working on follow-up meetings with his staff at several state agencies to get the ball rolling on new initiatives to begin the work of rebuilding our community. We look forward to continued dialogue and collaboration with our partners at the State,” added Maley.

Dr. Molly Phillps, a member of the Collingswood COVID Recovery Committee reiterated the need to work together for the future success of Collingswood. “Establishing a line of communication and structure aids in identifying and delivering relevant information regarding available assistance for residents and businesses. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with so many of my talented neighbors to ensure the resiliency of our town and to address current and future needs both effectively and efficiently,” said Phillips. 

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