All Aboard Atlantic! Bike lane demo comes to Atlantic Ave.

A new look and traffic pattern is coming to Atlantic Avenue. A combination of traffic slowing bump outs, advisory bike lanes and improved pedestrian crossings are in the plan for a temporary “EXPO” project, All Aboard Atlantic. The goal? to test run improvements and get feedback from residents to determine the effects new bike and pedestrian improvements have before permanent changes are considered.
     Working in tandem with Cross County Connection, Camden County and the DVRPC, the team developed a host of new improvements for this heavily traveled stretch of road. Three major areas of need were identified through various studies including the Connect 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The intersections of Collings, Atlantic and Lakeview, along with Atlantic and Lees and Atlantic and Conard were noted by residents and visitors during extensive public feedback as challenging crossings for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to improving travel near the downtown and to other community assets such as the Farmers’ Market, Atlantic Avenue is a direct connection to the PATCO Speedline commuter train.
After the EXPO period is complete the team will further determine if these changes provide the desired increase in safety and warrant a transition to permanent structures in their place. 
     The pop-up demonstration is scheduled to launch with an official ribbon cutting at 9am on August 14 and will remain in place through September 3.  Tell us what you think! Survey teams will be on the streets interviewing users of the EXPO and online surveys will also be available.