Leash your pets – it's the law!

Dogs must remain leashed in parks and all public spaces in Collingswood 
Collingswood PD increasing enforcement of dog leash violations

The Collingswood Police Department will be increasing enforcement of dog leash laws and ticketing owners in violation of Borough ordinance. The response is largely due to an increasing number of dog-related incidents around town and in Knight Park caused by unleashed dogs. There are no off-leash dog areas in Collingswood. 

“As we exit the pandemic and we return to more foot traffic and use of our public spaces, we’re seeing off leash dogs running loose at kids, families and other pets in our parks, neighborhood and downtown,” said Collingswood Police Chief Kevin Carey. “Not only can this be dangerous or frightening for some, it’s also against the law. Even if you believe you have a well-trained dog, it must be leashed for everyone’s safety.”

Borough ordinances regarding leash laws are as follows: 
§ 105-21 Dogs running at large. 
Any person owning, keeping or harboring any dog, whether the dog is licensed or unlicensed, who shall suffer or permit said dog to run at large in or about the streets, highways or public places of the Borough or to run at large upon the lands and premises of any person other than the owner or persons in possession of said dog without permission of said landowner first obtained, in writing, shall be guilty of a violation of this Article.

§ 105-22 Leashing of dogs. 
No person owning, keeping or harboring any dog shall suffer or permit the same to be upon the public streets or in any public places of the Borough unless such dog is accompanied by a person over the age of 12 years and of such mental and physical capacity that he or she is able to control said dog by leash, provided, always in any case, that there shall be control of such dog by an adequate leash with not more than six feet thereof extended between the person in control of such dog and the dog itself.