Collingswood Complete Streets Lab – Collingswood PATCO Edition

Collingswood Complete Streets Lab – Collingswood PATCO Edition

The Borough of Collingswood, in partnership with the non-profit Cross County Connection, Camden County, PATCO, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission are launching a temporary bike and pedestrian demonstration project and education campaign in your neighborhood. The “Complete Streets Lab Collingswood PATCO edition” will create a bike route to the Collingswood PATCO station and include pedestrian safety improvements with temporary low-cost materials to test infrastructure designed to make biking and walking safer. The project addresses some key areas of concern as identified by residents during the Connect 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan feedback sessions and surveys results.

During the project, a combination of improvements will be teste, including traffic calming measures such as curb extensions, pavement markings (bike sharrows), dedicated bike lanes, and signage. The goal of this temporary project–which will be in place from April 9 through May 1–is to encourage walking and biking to PATCO and other destinations in town while also measuring the effects these improvements have on travel safety. Implementing projects in a low-cost, temporary manner allows the public and Borough to communicate and work together to determine what improvements work. In addition, testing projects out aids the Borough in future applications for grant funding of permanent improvements.

What’s Being Tested?

A Bike Boulevard: Location – Maple Ave
* Uses signs and pavement marking to signal street is prioritized for bike traffic
*Uses traffic calming measures to discourage speeding
Bump-Outs: Locations – New Jersey Ave, Maple Ave, Homestead Ave, & Fern Ave
*Improve pedestrian visibility and reduces crossing distance
*Provides a “traffic calming” effect, slowing vehicle speeds
Rain Gardens: Locations – New Jersey Ave, & Maple Ave.
*Absorbs and filters rainwater to reduce flooding risk and water pollution
*Encourages biodiversity by attracting small pollinators
*Often incorporated into bump-outs to benefit the community in multiple ways!
Two-Way Separated Bike Lanes: Location – Bilson Ave.
*Physically separated from traffic to create a more comfortable environment than        standard bike lanes
*Ideal on streets with high traffic volumes or speeds

Throughout this “pop-up” demonstration Collingswood Borough and Cross County Connection representatives will collect feedback from neighbors and travelers through online and on the spot traveler surveys to assess what elements work and what can be improved upon for consideration and implementation as we make permanent improvements.

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Join us at West Stiles Saturday April 16 at 10:00 am for a ribbon cutting of the Collingswood Complete Streets Lab Project, Collingswood PATCO Edition
and then stick around to learn more about the project and for some fun, giveaways, and activities:

**Community Bike Ride – sponsored by Collingswood Bike Share

**Bike Rodeo – sponsored by the Collingswood Police Department/Bikeshare

**SOJO 104.9 will be providing the soundtrack and broadcasting live from the event!