Resurfacing of Various Alleys (ROVA) Underway in Collingswood

Collingswood's latest municipal project is making strides in revitalizing the town's infrastructure by resurfacing several alleys. The initiative aims to improve safety and accessibility in these often-overlooked areas. This townwide project, which is scheduled to be completed by late November, is in response to resident requests to address alleys and smaller roadways throughout the Borough. These small alleyways have been grouped together to address resurfacing needs across town as one large project.

Work for this project will include the resurfacing of fourteen smaller alleys identified as in need of repair, but that would typically not qualify for grant funding. These alleys, which were previously riddled with potholes and cracked pavement, will soon be transformed into safe and well-maintained passages. The project also includes curb cuts where appropriate, which will contribute to a more accessible environment for everyone who calls Collingswood home. 

The following roadways are included in this project:

  • Crestmont Lane (from E Madison Avenue to Dead End)
  • Richey Avenue Alley (from CR729 to Dead End)
  • Conger Avenue Alley (from Conger Avenue to Dead End)
  • Laurel Avenue (from Woodlawn Avenue to Lincoln Avenue)
  • Allen Lane (from CR630 to Eldridge Avenue)
  • Maple Lane (from CR630 to Eldridge Avenue)
  • West Narberth Terrace (from CR732 to Dead End)
  • Comley Lane (from Harrison Avenue to Comley Avenue)
  • Pacific Avenue (from Pacific Avenue to South Park Drive)
  • Cedar Avenue Alley (from Cedar Avenue to Dead End)
  • Knight Park (from CR732 to Browning Road)
  • Coolidge Avenue Alley (from Edison Avenue to Dill Avenue)
  • Haddon Avenue Alley (from CR630 Avenue to Woodlawn Avenue)
  • West Franklin Avenue (from Franklin Avenue to CR732)

“By combining the smaller alleyways into a single project, and finally addressing those conditions, we intend to make the safety and ease of travel a focus at every level.” shared Mayor Jim Maley. “The little things matter as much as the big things. ”

Collingswood is committed to completing future road repairs and resurfacing projects thanks in part to a partnership with the Rowan University CREATES program, which developed an asset management plan for long-term road repairs in the Borough. The program focused on developing a low-cost system to rate pavement conditions and aims to overcome the limitations of current practices and to help identify and prioritize the roadways most in need of repair.