Protecting Residents: Collingswood PD Establishes Safe Exchange Zones

The Collingswood Police Department has established two Safe Exchange Zones at the Collingswood Public Safety Building (434 Haddon Avenue). There is an area of sidewalk in front of the Public Safety Building with yellow sidewalk markings and a sign marking the Safe Exchange Zone. The other area, which is accessible 24/7, is located inside the vestibule of the Public Safety Building. Both Safe Exchange Zones are located in well-lit areas with video recorded by state-of-the-art security cameras. 

The “Safe Exchange Zones” were created as a means of addressing safety concerns brought about by residents involved in online transactions such as Craig’s List or Online Yard Sale purchases, as well as to provide a safe location for families with visitation rights to make custodial exchanges. The zone’s proximity to police personnel is meant to increase residents’ peace of mind when engaging in such transactions with unfamiliar individuals and when conducting child custody exchanges. Please take note that personnel are not in the Public Safety Building at all times, and it is therefore recommended that these zones be used during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, from 8a-4p). If this is not possible, the area is recorded and routinely patrolled.

While a “Safe Exchange Zone” provides a safe area for buyers and sellers to meet, it is important to remember that people you meet online are strangers and can pose dangers. Not every buyer or seller you meet online is someone who is true with their intent. When making arrangements to complete online transactions face-to-face, residents are reminded to:

  • Complete all transactions during daylight hours, if possible.
  • Bring a cell phone in case of emergency.
  • Notify friends or family about the details of the exchange beforehand.
  • Never invite strangers to their home or agree to meet at a stranger’s home.
  • Reconsider any transaction with an individual who refuses to meet at a “Safe Exchange Zone”.

The Collingswood Police Department does not endorse any service and only provides this area as an added layer of safety for those residents involved in online commerce.

Collingswood Police Officers, or any other Borough Official or employee, will not intervene as witnesses, negotiators, or brokers. Our officers and civilian staff members are not permitted to provide legal advice or become involved in civil matters resulting from disputes over payment, quality, etc.

The exchange of any type of weapons, destructive devices, any illicit items, controlled dangerous substances, or controlled dangerous substance paraphernalia are not permitted on the Public Safety Building property.