Collingswood Borough Moves Forward with Plans for a New Pocket Park at the Intersection of Haddon and Woodlawn Avenues

Collingswood, NJ - March 4, 2024 - The Collingswood Borough Mayor and Commissioners have approved a resolution authorizing a bid for the construction of a new pocket park at the intersection of Haddon and Woodlawn Avenues. This approval, made at the Borough’s monthly commissioner’s meeting on Monday night, marks a significant step forward in the Borough's efforts to enhance community spaces in the downtown area with the addition of “third places” where people can gather and socialize.

The concept for the pocket park, developed by local architect Speizle and informed by input from adjacent businesses and members of the Creative and Green Teams, aims to transform the area into a versatile space for both everyday use and special events.

The Borough presented a working concept for the area which is currently used as a sitting area for Groove Ground Coffeebar and extra parking. Last year, the Borough sold the garage building in the back half of the site to a developer who is leasing the site to Sara’s Produce, which is currently located downtown and looking to expand. Construction for that expansion started this week.

“The Borough has hosted quite a few events at this location over the last few years so we have a good idea of how it could be laid out for events and as a passive space for people to gather. It’s right in the center of town so it makes for a perfect location,” said Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley.

Over the years, the Borough has held various events, from pop-up vigils and holiday festivities to movie nights, highlighting the location’s potential as a vibrant hub for the Collingswood community. Preliminary survey results from the Borough’s recreation masterplan further underscored residents' desire for a space like this, with "pocket park" emerging as a popular feature residents would like to see. The draft of that plan is expected to be completed this spring.

Input from the Green Team and Creative Team provided direction to emphasize sustainability and creativity into the design. Features such as rain barrels, native plants, bike racks, and a mural, envisioned as a “Greetings from Collingswood” style artwork, will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also promote environmental sustainability and community pride. The Borough plans to engage a local artist to design the mural and involve the Green Team in the selection of native plants.

The park's design also prioritizes flexibility to accommodate events both large and small while also serving residents and visitors with a place to gather downtown.

"We are excited to move forward with the construction of this project," said Commissioner Rob Lewandowski. "Our goal is to deliver a space that reflects the vibrant spirit of Collingswood, where residents can gather and connect or just enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee.”

Security cameras, water access, lighting, and electricity will also be incorporated into the final plans to ensure functionality and safety.

Pending a successful bidding process, the Borough expects construction to begin in the summer, with hopes of unveiling the completed pocket park to the community soon thereafter.

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